Teese Ezy 2 Keep Supplement

This supplement has been designed for horses that are Easy Keepers/Good Dooers that are on small hard feeds and dont require the reccomended feed volume listed on feeding guides 

 Ezy 2 Keep is a high quality vitamin and trace mineral supplement, containing organic and inorganic minerals, with probiotics for digestive support.

 Designed for easy keeper horses

  • Small Dosage rate

  • Suitable for all classes of horses

  • Designed to help balance small hard feed diets

  • Available in 1kg, 2kg & 4.2kg tubs

  • Palatable

  • No added iron

  • Cost effective high quality supplement


Teese Equine Pro Culture 

Pro Culture consists of all natural, micro-encapsulated, multi-strain probiodic bacteria and active live yeast to assist in promoting immunity, revovery and improved digestion. Its is rapidly absorbed and delivers powerful probiodics and vitamin E at elevated levels. 

- Rapid response revovery 

- Promotes immunity 

- Improves digestion 

Package size is 80cc


How to purchase :-

- Teese Supplement Stockist (See below list)

- Teese Feed Stockist stores can order in if they dont already stock Teese Supplements

- Direct Purchase  (available if no stockist in your area) $10 Flat Rate Shipping 

(Note - If you have a retail business and would like to stock the range of Teese Supplements please contact our office on 07 5541 0818)


 Teese Supplement Stockist Stores

  •  Buckhams Produce 
  •  Canungra Hardware & Farm Supplies
  • Stock Feed at Mt Nathan
  • Jackos Rural
  • Betta Produce
  • McGregor Gourlay (selected stores)
  • Cottones Feed Shed

Teese ProCulture